Annual AWKO Justice Foundation “Help the Kids” Tennis Tournament

Many of our students attending inner-city schools in Escambia County have to deal with somuch more than homework. They have to deal with basic survival needs. Almost 100% of these students qualify for free lunch during the school week, but many are lucky if they get one meal a day on the weekends. Some do not own a good pair of shoes and when it is cold outside, some come to school in a T-shirt and shorts! These schools are always asking for donations of coats and shoes.

Weis and Brentwood Elementaries started the Positive Behavior Support Program and Student Store to address these concerns. The Student Store contains all manner of donated items including clothing, personal hygiene items, books & games. Students who are “caught” doing good deeds are rewarded with the opportunity to “shop” in the store to purchase these much needed items. Your generous support of this tournament will help “stock” the shelves at the store and the weekend take-home food pantry.

3rd Annual “Help the Kids” Tennis Tournament – September 2015

2nd Annual “Help the Kids” Tennis Tournament – October 2014

Thank you to everyone involved with this year’s “Help the Kids” tennis tournament.
The event on October 4th, 2014 raised over $14,000 for Escambia County elementary schools.