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About Justice Hope

We have chosen to implement the “Justice Hope Program” so that we can actively make a difference in an area of urgent importance: education.

Our local students are the future leaders of our community. Providing them the opportunity to grow and learn in a positive environment, regardless of personal circumstance, is one of the greatest pursuits of justice we can undertake.

Our programs and services fulfill the most essential needs of disadvantaged students, and through our individualized delivery method, we ensure each child’s personal dignity and well-being. Much more than “stuff”, the Justice Foundation is committed to serving the needs of the whole child in order to have a collective impact on his or her readiness to learn.

Our hope is that each student receives a backpack for school and toiletries, that we will replenish throughout the year, to help each child have a fresh, clean start to their day so they can study hard and feel confident when interacting with their peers and teachers. Please join us in this effort by enabling those children less fortunate, who do not have toiletries, school supplies or even a home to call their own, have a healthy start to their day.